A3 – Inside the Arizona Pomegranate Festival

Step inside Tucson’s Mission Garden where the second annual Arizona Pomegranate Festival was held to honor the ancient, seedful fruit.


Summer 2016

3 major projects set west of downtown Tucson

Southern Arizona training program lifts students out of minimum wage

4 GOP candidates to face off in District 14 primary election

Coyotes, Roadrunners to scrimmage Oct. 9 in Tucson

3 Democrats are in the race for 2 Arizona House seats in District 9  

Hack your water bill: 6 valuable Tucson Water rebates



Featured Work

News Features:

Cops, administrators recall 2002 College of Nursing shooting

Arizona man looks to combat mental illness with love, Colbert

Investigative News:

GPSC executive board tied to improperly allocated funds 

FCC, church or cult?

Breaking news pieces:

UPDATE: Second suspect in Bio5 shooting turns self in

UAPD investigating student ‘suicide’ outside of Koffler building; official statement release

Demonstrators take to the streets in protest for transgender man killed by police

Black Student Union holds protest, discussion outside of Old Main in solidarity with Missouri students







A lady and her cows: a look at Arizona’s last frontier of all natural cattle farming

Just south of Patagonia, Arizona, Sidney Spencer and her cows live on a private, free range farm called Lazy J2 Ranch. The cows live a simple regular cow life out in the fields until they are ready to become a cut for San Rafael Beef. Spencer lives alone on this 2,000 acre grassland, but being alone doesn’t mean she is lonely. She has a special relationship with her animals and the land and makes sure to share that relationship with anyone she crosses paths with.

On ‘Perfect Partners’

As a dancer, I frequently get distracted from doing my everyday work by the multitude of dance videos on the internet, particularly on Youtube. Those that I find the most beautiful are filled will artistry and passion. One of the ballet companies I’ve been following is the Australian Ballet and their channel on Youtube. The video is a little old, but I came across it recently and instantly fell in love with the two principal dancers and the cinematography.

It starts with Adam Bull, the male principal, staring straight into the camera and you instantly feel like your part of his scene. Soon, the Amber Scott does the same then you realize they are staring at each other — for just a moment, the viewer is the partner part of the dance.

Throughout the piece, the two are discussing their relationship as partners in a ballet company and their voices are accompanied by the song Bodies by Lucy Roleff, a flowing love ballad. The viewer is taken in and out of close up scenes of Bull and Scott dancing together. It feels less like you’re watching a dance and more like you’re practicing the intricacies of the movement with the two on screen.

The video ends with the opaque silhouettes of the two dancers parting in slow motion just after an intricate lift and a passionate kiss, with Roleff’s voice looming in the background.

After watching, I realized that this video contributes more than just a feature of two beautiful dancers. When an audience watches ballet, or any dance for that matter, they fail to realize that a movement is more than just steps and acting with a group or partner. When a dancer moves on stage or even in rehearsal, there is a connection held with the fellow dancers that heavily contributes to a performance and how the audience receives it. I think this video perfectly portrayed that connection that is necessary for dancers, especially partners.

I thought about how different the impact the piece would have had on me if it was put into a print article. I don’t think that technique would have made me feel the way do. The use of slow motion and close ups helps the viewer understand the movement the pair is doing while simultaneously having a sense of doing the movement. The use of the dancers’ description of their partner and the music in the background gave the viewer an exquisite sense of the connection between the two that was executed beautifully and left me longing for more.

“Every time, we get this telekinetic awareness of each other. You want be able to feel like you’re two people dancing as one.”

— Adam Bull